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West Carleton Community Needs Assessment

The Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (WOCRC) invites you to participate in a consultation for parents/caregivers in the form of one to one conversations, at the West Carleton Community Complex at 5670 Carp Road in Kinburn. WOCRC is conducting a Community Needs Assessment that will be focused on children, youth, young adults and families.


We are offering a session on the following evenings:

Thursday, November 29th

3:00pm - 9pm (1hr each)

One to one Interviews


Wednesday, December 5th

2:00pm -8:00pm (drop-in)

One to One Interviews


Thursday December 6th

2:00pm -8:00pm (drop-in)

One to One Interviews


Wednesday December 12th

6:00pm-9:00pm (1hr each)

One to one Interviews


Why are we doing this?  We believe that children, youth, young adults and families can benefit by services that assist in helping children, youth, young adults and families to reach their optimal wellbeing.  We want to better understand the strengths of the services that exist in West Carleton and where there are opportunities to improve service delivery moving forward. And nobody knows what makes sense more than you do. We want to hear your thoughts. What’s working? What’s not? And how can we improve things in West Carleton?


By participating in this consultation, you’re helping to shape how child, youth, young adults and family services are delivered in West Carleton. As a parent or caregiver living in West Carleton your experiences are extremely valuable in helping us identify our priorities and opportunities.


We encourage you to consider joining us for a one to one interview.


This is a huge undertaking and we need the support of the community to assist in this process. If you are unable to attend a one to one interview, we encourage you to consider completing this online survey here:


English link:

French link:


Together we can create change and improve the quality of life for our community.


In an effort to ensure everyone can participate, we have support in place to offer compensation for transportation and any family care costs associated with your participation in the one to one interview. Light refreshments will be available as well.    


You are welcome to register, however, it is no longer required for your participation. If you require transportation to the West Carleton Community Complex please complete the online form below or contact Sandra Parent at 613-591-3686 x 245 to register over the phone. - Registration Form

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